About Me


My name is Josh, though I am otherwise known as Minifrij. I am a teenage web developer from the UK.
I currently code in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (JQuery) with basic knowledge in Python, Actionscript 2 and VB.net.

My Work

Bitvol is a site I have made with a partner built to show the volatility of Bitcoin's exchange rate in USD.

Since it's creation, the website has grown and more features have been implemented. These features include graphs showing the hisorical exchange rate and volatility of Bitcoin, the inclusion of another crypto-currency (Litecoin) and an automatically updating price ticker for Bitcoin.

This is a one page website I made to showcase a crypto-currency called Bitsend.

This website was not officially used by Bitsend, however recieved praise from the team. This website is completely responsive to most screen resolutions (including Mobile) and was built using HTML, CSS and JQuery from scratch, with APIs from Google, Bootstrap and FontAwesome.