About Me


My name is Josh, though I am otherwise known as Minifrij. I am a teenage web developer from the UK.
I can currently code in HTML, CSS, PHP and AS2 with basic knowledge in Python, Javascript and JQuery.

My Work

Btcvisit.com is a site that I developed in August 2014, and a re-development is planned during late 2015.

This site allows webmasters to redirect cheap traffic towards their website to help with profits or website rankings. In addition to this, the site rewards users for visiting the sites listed by giving a small reward in the form of the crypto-currency Bitcoin.

Btcvisit.com uses PHP, HTML and CSS with APIs from SolveMedia, Paytoshi and Blockchain.info, and style kits from Bootswatch for Bootstrap.

Iwantaga.me was a site that I developed in August 2014.

Iwantaga.me allows the user to find a Steam game based on a few very general searches. It was made in order to try and help people find new games similar to what they like. The coding on the site is currently very badly excecuted, and a re-development is planned.

Iwantaga.me uses HTML, CSS and PHP. The site uses style kits from Bootswatch for Bootstrap.